About the Thomas Wathen Gallery

The Thomas Wathen Gallery specializes in 20th century and contemporary fine art photography from selected photographers and artists around the world with a focus on that personal bond between the viewer, the art itself, and the artist. This seemingly subtle connection conjures up emotions that linger long after the work is out of sight. With just a fleeting glimpse, that emotional attachment embeds an indelible afterimage in the mind and the heart.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines a breed as, “a line of descendants perpetuating particular hereditary qualities." Traditional galleries seem to have all been bred from the same stock and as such, continue to seek out the same pedigrees to mate with. The Thomas Wathen Gallery is more than just a new “breed” of gallery; it represents a fundamental change in the DNA sequence.

The Thomas Wathen Gallery is located in Richmond, VA, USA.

 804 742-0022